Ben Pearson

Principal Dentist, Periodontist & Owner

Ben Pearson has been a dentist in Exeter for over 15 years. With a Masters Degree in Periodontology (the study of gums), and almost 30 years of experience in general dentistry he is a very highly regarded and respected in his field.  He takes great pleasure and gets much professional satisfaction from helping his patients maintain a healthy mouth which in turn has a positive effect on their overall health and wellbeing. Ben practices all aspects of general dentistry, he is also experienced in placing dental implants. As a member of the British Society of Sleep Medicine, he has a special interest in patients who suffer from snoring and sleep apnoea. Life Dental and Wellbeing is the only centre in Exeter that is an accredited Platinum Somnowell Provider.

Ben is also a member of the British Dental Association and the British Society of Periodontology. His aim is to make Life Dental and Wellbeing the most innovative and forward thinking practice focusing on helping patients keep their own teeth for life.

What you need to know about Ben Pearson

When he isn’t doing dentistry Ben is often to be found in his garden pottering around encouraging everything to grow, cloud pruning and topiary being his latest projects. He has recently discovered the benefits of yoga and is now a firm advocate of it, recommending it to many of his patients. He plays volleyball once a week with a team of old codgers called the Lympstone Legends and he has a Laser Dinghy that he sails with the local Sailing Club. Ben loves the sea and has sailed around the world (the wrong way) in the BT Global Challenge which he did when he left the Royal Navy in 1996. Whilst in the RN he gained a much coveted Green Beret whilst serving with the Royal Marines. ben is married to Becks our Business Development Manager and they have 3 daughters.