Tamara Bennett


Tamara has enjoyed a life long interest in nutrition and health and considers herself a responsible, dedicated and conscientious nutritionist; one who understands that food is one of life’s pleasures which she tries to keep in mind when devising diets and strategies for clients when discussing their nutritional needs.

She bases all her advice on scientific and clinical evidence but this does not mean that her advice is ‘standardised’. She believes that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ in nutrition. She insists that we are all biochemically unique and our likes and dislikes are
as varied as we are individual and all recommendations are on a case-by-case basis.

Her key areas of interest are IBS, weight loss, Cholesterol and Candidiasis, and although she is not a Sports Nutritionist she has considerable experience in advising on nutrition for training and performance in sport – including an Olympic swimmer, sports academies and swim teams.

What you need to know about Tamara A busy mum of 3 children, when not devoting her time to their dietary needs, Tamara is usually ferrying them around to their various sports or athletics training/matches/competitions.

Occasionally managing to do some running and gym sessions herself, in order to ‘practice what she preaches’, she also loves the outdoors and the simple things in life like spending time with her ‘slightly bonkers’ family and good friends. She loves reading, walking, cycling and picnics on the beach but only in the Summer of course!