Dental Implants

If you are concerned about a missing tooth or missing teeth, you may want to consider dental implants as a way to restoring your smile.

View of patient's upper right central incisor before procedure. View of upper right central incisor after dental implants procedure, the porcelain implant perfectly matches the rest of the teeth.

The upper right central incisor (the tooth on the left) was lost after an accident several years before. The teeth were whitened and the tooth was replaced with an implant-supported porcelain crown to renew the smile for this lady.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial substitute to replace the root portion of your teeth. The implant is a small threaded screw made of titanium alloy that is placed into the bone of your jaw bone. The implant fuses with the existing bone to form a strong and long-lasting anchor upon which a new tooth can be attached. The replacement teeth are matched to your natural teeth and then fixed onto these new foundations to give a permanent solution to a missing tooth.

Not only is a tooth implant a realistic way of replacing a lost tooth, but implants can also be used as a more permanent alternative to a bridge or a more comfortable way of securing dentures.

How long does the implant placement procedure take?

Initially, an assessment appointment is required, during which x-rays are taken. The implant placement procedure is completed under local anaesthetic by Ben Pearson, our dentist in Exeter. After a period of healing the implant is left in place under the gum for about three months to allow it to knit to the bone. The next stage involves uncovering the top of the implant and taking a mould of your teeth so that the new porcelain crown or bridge work can be made. This is then fitted about two weeks later.

Dental implants need a healthy foundation. If you are considering an implant your gum health and toothbrushing will be reviewed to ensure your mouth is in optimum condition before the implant is placed.

How much do dental implants cost?

Details of costs can be found on our Fees Page. We are also able to offer interest-free credit and Life Care Plans.