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Life Dental & Wellbeing is at the forefront of dentistry, focusing on the link between oral health and general wellbeing.

We believe that by taking control of your oral health we can improve your overall wellness and help you avoid serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Put simply, improving your oral health could increase your life expectancy.

Good Oral Health, Good Overall Health. Fact Not Fiction.

Whilst the concept has been around since the 1930’s it is only recently that scientists have proven the connection between oral health, gum disease and other health problems. It is now an established fact that the health of the mouth and the body are integrally linked.

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What We Do Differently At Our Innovative Exeter Dental Practice

Did you know that a massive 83% of the population of the UK has gum disease at some level and it is the biggest cause of tooth loss in the over 40’s? Many people are unaware of the symptoms of gum disease and its connection to wider health. At Life Dental & Wellbeing we understand that oral health holds clues to many health issues. So that’s why, before we even look in your mouth we will check your BMI, blood pressure and blood sugar to help give us a picture of your overall general health. This helps us develop a plan specifically tailored to your individual needs.

What This Means For You (and your health)

By putting more emphasis on your oral health and making a few changes to your daily routine you can help avoid the risk of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Not only will small changes in your oral hygiene routine have a huge impact on your overall health, but they will also help your teeth to last longer, maintaining youthfulness and increasing your confidence.

With the right brushing method combined with lifestyle changes, 90% of gum disease can be reversed at home. This is a proven solution to oral health issues and a straightforward and easy way to improve wellness and longevity.