Stronger and longer lasting than fillings

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    What does it involve?

    Removal of existing filling and decay then taking of moulds for the construction of a porcelain or gold filling.
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    How many appointments?

    Two appointments a fortnight apart.
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    How much does it cost?

    Porcelain £674 Gold £851

What is a dental inlay?

Dental inlays are fillings that are made outside of the mouth and are then cemented in place. Inlays made of porcelain or gold are generally more expensive but they offer a longer lasting solution to conventional fillings. They also conserve the remaining tooth structure whilst being cosmetically superior in the case of porcelain inlays.

A dental inlay is extremely kind on the gum tissues because it is made to fit very closely to the tooth structure, thus eliminating the possibility of rough edges, poorly contoured fillings and overhanging margins.

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