Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a painless process and patients can walk away and go to work that afternoon

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    What does root canal treatment involve?

    Meticulously cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth and then filling it to prevent infection.
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    How many appointments are needed for root canal treatment?

    One to two 60-90 minute appointments.
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    How much does root canal treatment cost?

    Dependant on the tooth and treatment -between £867 - £1054

What is a Root Canal?

For teeth with large fillings, deep decay or those that are traumatised the nerve can die which in turn can lead to a toothache or even an abscess.

In such instances, as an alternative to removing the tooth we will recommend a root filling or root canal therapy as it is also known. This involves cleaning out the inside root space of the tooth and filling it with a rubber like material called gutta percha.

The root canal treatment procedure can be technically demanding and take one or two long appointments, but the end result of saving a tooth is preferable to a gap.

Due to the inherent weakening of a root filled tooth, we often recommend that such teeth are subsequently crowned in order to help protect the remaining tooth structure.

Claire Jordan does all our root canal treatments using a state of the art Zeiss microscope which ensures optimal quality and a better long term prognosis.

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