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Fast, affordable, emergency dental care from Exeters leading dentists

Emergency Dentist in Exeter

If you are suffering from toothache or any type of pain in your mouth and have been struggling to get an appointment fast enough, contact us! Whether your dentist is fully booked and unable to see you or even if you're not registered with a dentist, then don't worry, we can help.

Our emergency dental fees are excellent value for money. We will endeavour to see you on the day you contact us and often within only a few hours. Give us a call or just walk in and talk to one of our team. For directions to our dental clinic see our contact us page and click on the map

Affordable emergency dental care

Nothing puts people off seeking care for toothache more than not knowing how much it will cost.

We will always tell you how much treatment will cost and get your agreement before continuing. We deliberately keep our emergency fees as reasonable as possible so that you can get your problem sorted quickly - without having to face a hefty bill as well.

As a guide: our extraction fee is £100 and an emergency filling costs from £60.

Become a Life Care Plan Member from only £5 per month

Becoming a Life Care Plan Member gives you a range of benefits and is cheaper than pay as you go including:

  • FREE Dental Health checks for life
  • Up to 20% off the cost of restorative dental care
  • 10% off the cost of oral hygiene products

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