Pain Free Dentistry

Making it as comfortable as possible

Not everyone enjoys coming to the dentist or hygienist for treatment, so at Life Dental & Wellbeing we do our utmost to ensure your visit is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

A few little things can make all the difference to your experience and that is why our surgeries are air conditioned and we encourage you to bring your own music with you if it helps you relax.

We give you lip balm before your treatment starts to help prevent your lips cracking and where possible we use a less powerful aspirator (the water sucker!) which is less sensitive on your teeth.

If appropriate we will apply a desensitising toothpaste to your teeth prior to cleaning them which along with warm water in the scaler can make the whole procedure considerably more comfortable.

If you need to have an injection we use a powerful anaesthetic gel on your gum to numb it beforehand. The anaesthetic is prewarmed to body temperature which can also minimise the discomfort as do the ultra-fine short needles we use.

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