Three million people have been diagnosed with diabetes in the UK

Diabetes and Gum Disease

3.5 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with Diabetes, the majority of which are Type 2 with men accounting for 56%. Doctors have also estimated that there are currently a further 549,000 undiagnosed cases. Long-term complications of the condition are well documented and can be life-limiting. They include blindness, kidney problems, amputation of the feet and cardiovascular disease.

But did you know that Diabetes can also affect your mouth and increase the risk of developing periodontal (gum) disease. Recent evidence has also shown that each exacerbates the other so people with Diabetes can have more severe gum disease and visa versa.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. At Life Dental & Wellbeing we are committed to helping patients reduce their risk of developing Diabetes by establishing and maintaining a good oral health routine. The prevention and treatment of gum disease are at the core of the philosophy of our dental practice.

Already a Diabetic?

We recommend that all diabetics come and see us on a regular basis to help keep their mouths in optimum health.

That’s because recent research has shown that good gum care can help reduce blood sugar levels, thus aiding to control diabetes. Another complication of Diabetes is the thickening of blood vessels, which could lead to gums and bone tissue being more prone to infection.

Patients who may be pre-diabetic could also benefit from coming to see us as early treatment could potentially prevent the full onset of the condition.

Our in-house nutritionist Tamara is available to advise you on any dietary concerns you may have. Read more about our Mini Health Checks.

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