Stroke / Heart Disease

Reduce the risks through improved dental hygiene

Cardiovascular disease causes the arteries in our bodies to become obstructed

When this happens in the brain it causes a stroke and if it occurs in the heart it can result in a heart attack.

The presence of gum disease in the mouth leads to entry of bacteria into the blood stream. These can in turn activate the host’s immune response and several studies have demonstrated that the body's response favours the formation and maturation of atheroma in the arteries of the body. It is these atheroma that can ultimately obstruct the blood vessels and cause either a stroke or heart attack.

There is consistent evidence that gum disease imparts increased risk for future cardiovascular disease, independent of other confounding factors.

Research also shows that successful treatment of gum disease can reduce the rate of arteries thickening, and help you to avoid serious health issues. Furthermore there is evidence that the treatment of periodontal disease reduces systemic inflammation in the body overall, which in turn leads to improvements in the markers of vascular function.

Further research is continually being published highlighting this link. If you have gum disease getting it addressed and under control could potentially help your avoid serious problems later on.

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