Bryony Gibbons

Front of House Co-Ordinator

Bryony joined us as our fabulous Front of House Co-Ordinator late last year. She came from being a Personal Assistant for a car dealership and now looks after all our patients needs when they visit the Dental Surgery. She has a ready smile and is always keen to help so please do give her a call.

What you need to know about Bryony

Bryony is our Crossfit heroine – she lives, eats and sleeps it and is very good at it to boot. When she’s not training which is not often she loves music, listening to anything you can dance to and going out with her mates… to dance I assume. Her favourite colour is white and she doesn’t have any pets (yet) but a Bulldog is at the top of her list. Another thing she really, really wants is a BMW 330D “with a black leather interior and black everything” Alright Bryony – calm down!