Jazmine Newland

Apprentice Dental Nurse

Jazz joined us in February this year and has recently started her Apprenticeship at Exeter college. She has already mastered a number of skills and is keen to get on with the course in the knowledge that she can turn to Alice and Hannah for support as they have both previously successfully completed the Diploma course.

What you need to know about Jazz

Jazz used to be a sales assistant at Clarks Shoes. She is engaged to Chris and they are currently in the process of buying their first house together. She is pleased they will have a garden for her rabbits Honey and Twinkle and tortoises Shelly & Frank but she’s not particularly looking forward to all the DIY to be done. When she’s not working she enjoys shopping and hanging out with friends and her favourite colour is pink. She drives a Renault Clio but would prefer a Range Rover and would be very happy if Beyonce or Bastille was blasting out!