Kick sugar and go sugar-free

I’m Becks and I’ve kicked the sugar habit – sounds like I’m at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting I know, but I’ve been clean for 23 days now and I feel it’s about time I shared my experience with you. Why … Read more >

Daily Mail reports link between gum disease and T2 diabetes

So another day, another article in the newspapers about gum disease and how it is affecting your body. It’s excellent news that the national newspapers are beginning to recognise gum disease and of course it once again reinforces exactly what … Read more >

Sugar Smart

As a Public Health Nutritionist, I spend much of my time educating audiences and individuals on how to improve their diet. Most people are receptive and truly want to make their diet more nutritious. But how? One key ‘take home … Read more >

Sugar Smart Exeter

Have you heard about Sugar Smart Exeter yet? It’s big news and here at Life Dental & Wellbeing we are very excited to be involved in spreading the word. So exactly what hat is Sugar Smart? Sugar Smart is a … Read more >

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know”…….you can’t beat settling down on a damp and miserable afternoon in the run up to Christmas with Bing and friends and allowing yourself a little bit … Read more >

Life Dental & Wellbeing’s Reverse Advent Calendar

Why do we have a Reverse Advent Calendar? One of our Nurses, Nichola, had the idea of having a Reverse Advent Calendar so we could donate food and supplies to a worthy cause in the Exeter Foodbank. Giving to charity … Read more >

What’s been happening at Life this week

Royal Clarence Fire We were very sad to hear of the fire in Cathedral Yard last Friday and our hearts go out to everyone affected by it. The fabulous Devon & Somerset Fire Service worked tirelessly around the clock to … Read more >

Why your dentist would always choose a gold inlay

An inlay describes a filling that is pre-made outside the mouth and in many instances they are the best way to restore a lost tooth. When a tooth needs a filling as a result of decay, fracture or the loss … Read more >

Sugar Free September epic fail

You may recall that earlier this month we pledged to give Sugar Free September a go. If I’m honest Sugar Free September hasn’t gone according to plan in the Pearson household. Our excuses are poor at best and now it … Read more >

Why you should consider tooth whitening

Understanding tooth whitening Tooth whitening is a simple and extremely effective way of lightening your teeth by bleaching them to make them a lighter shade. Even brushing regularly, over time our teeth can discolour and become more yellow as result … Read more >

Winners of our Sunflower Growing competition

Life Dental & Wellbeing helps raise £884 for Age UK Exeter’s Budding Friends Allotment Project Everyone at Life Dental & Wellbeing is very proud to announce that our inaugural “Enormous Sunflower Growing Competition” has helped raise £884.01 for Age UK Exeter’s Budding … Read more >

Sunflower Competition

Our Sunflower Competition raised an enormous £884.01 for the Aged UK Exeter Budding Friends Allotment scheme. A massive thank you to everyone who already joined! We hope that nurturing your sunflowers over the summer months has given you something to smile about! If you … Read more >