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Mrs AG - gum problems

Approximately two years ago I was diagnosed with severe gum problems resulting in a referral to Ben Pearson. After my first consultation with Ben, it was clear I had a serious gum problem, but he promised me he would do everything he could to help correct the problem. His professional care, and I must also say his reassurance, over the past eighteen months has meant success. I was at the point two years ago where I was contemplating the future of losing a number of teeth. Thanks to Ben with his care and professional advice my teeth and oral health has improved.

Colin Hamilton

Thank you for squeezing me in for my Somnowell fitting just before Christmas – good timing. I’m delighted to report the Somnowell works for me. I’m told it has completely eliminated my snoring, which is fantastic as I no longer have to wake up in a different bed to the one I started in! So from my point of view, I can genuinely recommend the Somnowell to snorers and partners of snorers. A great investment and Christmas present to myself.

I came to Ben with a snoring problem and we fitted a Somnowell device. The device takes a bit of getting used to but that doesn’t take long. The results are instant, a good night’s sleep, a happy wife, I have found myself waking refreshed after a good night’s sleep.I have more energy and confidence, it is a great option and better than CPAP! Ben has been very informative and helpful if you are thinking about it, it is the best option on the market at present.


I came in to have a dental check up today, and I just wanted to take a moment to write to you commending the professionalism of your receptionist on the ground floor. She dealt with everyone that came through the door while I was waiting with a very pleasant and helpful manner, and it was so refreshing to see such excellent customer service with a smile! I was particularly impressed with the way she dealt with an elderly gentleman in his 90s who required some extra assistance in filling in his forms etc and your receptionist was more than happy to explain everything to him with due care and attention and in a very respectful manner. I only wish there were more people out there in customer facing roles with such a good attitude. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation!


This morning I had my first of a series of treatments with your Periodontal Hygienist Abi. I cannot sing her praises too highly…. my session with her was a revelation. Not only was she ‘simpatico’ with a very recalcitrant patient but her practical demonstrations and explanations were crystal clear and uncompromisingly to the point. I have already booked my next appointment and I am almost (and I never believed I would say this) looking forward to it! Thank you.

Claire is new to the practice and I took to her straight away, she takes her time to listen and explains every step of the way …. thanks to Claire I now have a comfortable, matching, glowing, confident smile which I haven’t had for years. She’s really very nice.


Really, really pleased with all my treatment. Claire couldn’t of been any nicer or more helpful. Love the new place.

Ben Pearson fitted a Somnowell device for me to try to combat snoring and more specifically frequent waking headaches. Constant use of the device for 10 weeks has transformed my sleep and alertness. I no longer snore (my wife is delighted!). I no longer suffer waking headaches which necessitated medication through the following day. I am more alert/aware as I have to be riding a large BMV motorcycle frequently. Overall the Somnowell has transformed my life for the better and I would have no hesitation recommending it as a sound long term investment in health and wellbeing


I’ve had the most thorough and thoughtful treatment since becoming one of Dr Pearson’s patients and, thanks to him, I’ve moved from a state of permanent concern about the long-term outlook for my teeth to one of growing confidence. The appearance and health of my teeth and gums has improved after every visit and that’s, not least, down to the fact that my dentist makes me feel that my teeth are as important to him as they are to me. My recent cosmetic treatment has provided me with the most unexpectedly pleasing outcome and I have to acknowledge that the dental laboratory responsible for making the crowns deserves a separate eulogy. To put it simply, I could not possibly hope for a better dentist and would recommend anybody to see for themselves just how outstanding the practice is.

Ben Pearson has proved to be a quite meticulous and caring practitioner who fully understands patient needs and aspirations.

Mrs A Wallis

My story has a very happy ending. My first appointment was in October 2014 and I last saw Ben in June 2015. My gums have massively improved and I cannot thank Ben and Abby enough. All I need to do now is to keep doing what I am doing!

I can’t recommend Abby highly enough and I defy anyone not to leave an appointment without a big smile on their face!

I would just like to say how pleased I am with the extensive work you have recently undertaken and in particular how I can now smile with confidence! Due to the extensive periodontal deep cleansing followed by the crowning and bridging work you have carried out, my teeth feel and look better than they have for years. The reassurance you provided and also your consideration to ensure this was carried out pain-free enabled me to actually look forward to the numerous treatments and I cannot say how pleased I am. Although it may have seemed expensive at the time, it was money well spent.

After seeing Ben twice I had a course of appointments with Abby. Having never been to a hygienist before I wasn’t too sure what to expect and thought that it was maybe going to be a similarish experience to visiting the dentist but with someone who wasn’t trained to the same level. After my first appointment with Abby I was hugely impressed with everything about the experience. Abby has it all! She is such a great person that you immediately warm to and feel completely at ease with. Like Ben she carefully explained everything to me making sure I was happy with what she was recommending that I did at home before the next appointment and the treatment that she was giving me. When my scores did not improve at one appointment she didn’t dwell on this or make me feel bad for not doing well she was full of encouragement and support so that I left feeling that I wanted to do exactly what she had advised so that there would be an improvement at the next visit.

I was referred to see Ben by my dentist in Exmouth as my gums were receding badly. This had become worse as a result of suffering from mental health issues over several months. My mouth was sore and sensitive and this was really bothering me as I though that if I didn’t do some thing soon I may lose my teeth!

On my first visit Ben explained everything that I needed to know in order to understand the cause of my problem and also what could be done to address the problem and hopefully stop any further damage. It was most reassuring to know that something could be done and that following regular assessments and cleaning at the practice combined with me changing my brushing and cleaning routine my gums would stop receding. Ultimately this news meant that I should keep my very healthy teeth for many years to come.

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