Although today there are now seemingly better approaches to replacing missing teeth in the form of bridges or implants we must not forget about the benefits of well-fitting dentures.

Patient has several missing upper front teeth, before dentures are fitted. Patient now has a well-aligned, complete, natural-looking set of upper front teeth after dentures have been fitted.

When are dentures advisable?

Clinical circumstance may preclude you from getting bridges or implants fitted. In many instances, a good denture can be made very easily. It may be that you do not wish to go through the whole surgical implant process or that your remaining teeth cannot support a bridge. Whatever the reason, a plastic or metal denture can be an excellent way to replace missing teeth. There are benefits to both types and Ben Pearson our Exeter dentist can advise you about which is the most appropriate option for you. Whatever your decision, our technician Mr Anthony Spencer will use the best quality materials to make your new denture as lifelike, stable, and comfortable as possible.

Partial dentures

A partial denture can be used where there is one missing tooth or several missing teeth. Where the loss of additional teeth is thought likely, a partial denture can be a very good option as further teeth can simply be added without the need to completely remake the denture. Where all the teeth in one or both jaws have been lost, a full denture can be provided.

What is the procedure to have dentures fitted?

The procedure for making a permanent denture at our dental practice involves four to six appointments, normally a week apart. Initially, moulds are taken after which a mock of the teeth are made to check the fit and importantly for you to check you are happy with the colour, shape and overall appearance. The denture is subsequently fitted and review appointments are arranged so that fine adjustments can be made. In cases where the teeth have recently been lost due to an accident, an immediate denture can be made in a much shorter time frame so that you do not have to be without your smile for too long. This type of healing denture can be used as an interim measure before a bridge, implant or permanent denture is made.

Denture repairs

If you are unfortunate enough to break your denture we can arrange a denture repair which in most cases will mean you are without the denture for only a few hours.