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It's just a 'trip to France treat'

There were a number of highlights during the Pearsons recent holiday in France (driving Barbara the Campervan up the Champs Elysee, Ben dropping a bicycle over the side of the boat into the river, Em's excellent GCSE results, visiting Ben's Great Uncle's grave in a war cemetery in Hazebrouck to name a few) but the one our girls have right there at the top of the list is the trip to Auchan. For those uninitiated with Auchan it's a supermarket chain with enormous stores with something for everyone. Ben heads straight for the pickles aisle and finds the biggest jar of Cornichon he can find (and it must have that funny little plastic device for bringing them to the surface so to speak) and a crate of stubbies to wash them down. I love a wander around the household section and I have to admit do have a penchant for Flan.

Having scoured the stationery section for pencil cases and vital school equipment that no-one else will have, the girl's like to pop a large jar of Nutella into the trolley hopefully unseen until we get past the checkout (although Ben knows exactly what they are up to really). It's the 'trip to France treat' and it's all gone by the time we come home 'and as long as you brush your teeth afterwards' Ben turns a blind eye to it.

The problem of excessive sugar consumption

However sadly it appears that too many of us have too much sugar in our diet and Jamie Oliver is about to highlight the effects and dangers of the Sugar Rush tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm. It's definitely worth a watch and then perhaps you might want to reassess how much sugar you have in your diet. I don't want to sound holier than thou but I have cut down my sugar consumption dramatically recently and it's not too hard after the first day or two and I do honestly feel much better for it. Obviously the Flan I popped into the trolley in Auchan was a 'trip to France treat' but when in France eh?

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