Move towards lifelong changes and health benefits

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What you eat (or don’t eat) can have a significant effect on your wellbeing and oral health.

‘Although there are fundamental similarities we are all biochemically and physiologically unique: You are unique.”

Tamara, our Nutritionist can help you make a positive move towards lifelong changes and health benefits. She offers personal advice on how to eat in oder to improve your digestion, your health, your energy levels and potential longevity.

A healthier future

A single session might be enough to get you “on track’ but some will need more help and your issues are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Small and realistic weekly changes to your eating habits will, in the long term, result in a better relationship with food and provide you with the associated benefits to health and wellbeing.

In essence, sensible and practical eating that is based on sensible and practical advice that works.

The strategies

  • A detailed food intake record is used as a basis for advice so that your individual like and dislikes can be considered when discussing your programme.
  • An in-depth questionnaire to get a detailed understanding of your health (historically and currently) and realistic objectives for your health aims.
  • An accompanied shopping trip (additional fee) to help you make sensible choices so that what goes into your shopping basket is going to nourish you and appeal to your palate.
  • Guidance on how to read a nutritional panel so you can make informed decisions when choosing between brands or products.
  • Guidance on portion sizes and improving your knowledge to help eat the right proportions of the major food groups.
  • Specific advice on fats, proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, as well as dispelling myths and educating accurately.”Help is at hand” to prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and suggesting diet modifications.
  • Encouragement to establish new habits that will last a lifetime.
  • Help to lose weight through sustainable eating and diet programmes.

If weight loss is your objective then a “diet buddy” is a great motivator – whether a spouse, partner, friend or child. Consultations with “diet buddies” are available.

An initial consultation costs just £75 and could change your life. Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment.

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