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Ben's top 24 - yes 24!! benefits of gum treatment

Who would have thought there could be so many benefits of looking after your gums? Ben doesn't often get a chance to get a word in edgeways as I am always withering on about something or other but today is Ben's day and what he has to say is very important and could change your life so please read and tell your friends and family.

Ben's top 24 benefits of gum treatment

  1. You don’t lose you teeth
  2. You don’t have bad breath
  3. You gums don’t bleed
  4. If you have loose teeth they will get firmer
  5. Your mouth will feel fresher
  6. You will appreciate your food better
  7. You will get rid of any bad taste in your mouth
  8. You will stop or slow down the loss of bone from around your teeth
  9. Your gums won’t look swollen
  10. You will be able to chew better
  11. You feel more confident about your teeth
  12. You will like seeing your dentist/hygienist more
  13. You can reduce you blood sugar and potentially slow down the onset of Diabetes
  14. You will appreciate the feeling of having beautifully clean teeth
  15. You will be better suited to having implants or bridge placed as opposed to a plastic denture
  16. It can help slow down the thickening of your artery walls
  17. It will improve your self esteem
  18. You will reduce the number of fillings you subsequently need
  19. You will save money by needing less dental work
  20. You will feel more attractive
  21. You will know how to really clean your teeth
  22. If you have implants you can prevent them failing and save an awful lot of anguish
  23. Your dentist/hygienist will see that you are motivated and will enjoy seeing you more!
  24. Healthy gums will enhance your smile

What more is there to say - if you think you might benefit from having gum treatment pop in and see us, call us on 01392 278843 or book an appointment via our website

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