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Dental Health and Fighting Covid-19

'Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of our health'

“Healthy mouth, healthy body” is an old saying that has never been more important, explains Dr Ben Pearson (Meet the team)

A large proportion of the people who contacted Life Dental and Wellbeing during lock down with dental emergencies had not visited a dentist for more than a year. We always stress the importance of regular dental health examinations, so that any issues can be spotted early – before they become painful and more difficult to treat.

Dental Health and Fighting Covid-19

New research published in the British Dental Journal recently by Dr V. Samsoon linked poor oral health and coronavirus. It explained that our mouths include a healthy number of bacteria, called microbiome, that can normally be exchanged between our mouth and our lungs.

When we have poor oral health, pathogenic bacteria (bad bacteria that cause disease) start to accumulate in our mouths and destroy that healthy balance. These bacteria can also be breathed into our lungs.

One way these bacteria make us more vulnerable is by increasing our susceptibility to viral infections. Furthermore, when we are not healthy, or we are infected by a viral infection they start to proliferate and create what is called a bacteria superinfection. This further compromise our already burdened immune system and in that way creates severe complications like pneumonia or acute respiratory syndrome.

Not seen a dentist for more than 12 months?

We know that it has been difficult to keep on top of regular dental visits over the past few months due to the government’s decision to close dental practices. Life Dental and Wellbeing is delighted to have reopened and we have heavily invested in anti-virus protection, on top of our usual strict decontamination measures.

We would also like to offer all new patients a discount on a ‘New Patient Consultation’. Quote ‘ORAL HEALTH’ on booking and you will get a 20% discount on this appointment. Usually £82.00 – now £65.60. T+C’s Apply.

If you are searching for reassuringly safe dental care, contact us today. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Life Dental and Wellbeing here at 31 Queen Street, Exeter.

T&Cs - Please note there is currently a £7.50 surcharge for PPE on all appointments. Offer ends 31/09/2020.

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