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It's just a choc ice on a stick at triple the price

Treats we offer our children

I quite like the Daily Telegraph’s new layout. Ben tells me it’s not new and they have just reverted to their old type face but I hadn’t really cottoned-on to that so as far as I am concerned it’s new. Anyway they appear to have introduced ‘tweets of the day’ and one this morning caught my eye. “at the lido watching a child who isn’t even 1 drink a bottle of diet coke” tweeted by @bryony_gordon who those of you that read The Telegraph regularly will already know is a columnist and mother of a young daughter.

It rather got me thinking about what are the ‘good’ drinks and treats that we can offer our children during this hot spell. Mine are desperate for something cool every day when I pick them up from the Bus Stop having been on a hot double-decker for almost an hour and I feel obliged to indulge them with an ice cream or lolly to dampen down their hot and sticky attitudes. So I turned to the trusty internet and googled ‘low sugar ice cream and lollies’ and was bombarded with oodles of information about how some are low sugar but high in fat, some are low in sugar but full of artificial colours etc etc. It is a complete minefield and all I wanted to know was whether there was an alternative I could offer. It appears that even the homemade ice cream option is crammed with sugar and let’s face it homemade lollies just don’t taste the same. The only vaguely sensible suggestion was on the NHS Change for Life website which is a homemade banana milkshake which sounds delicious but is not easy to keep cool and hand out on the move. So I am left with a car full of hot and cross children rolling their eyes because their mother is depriving them of another Strawberry Corneto, or Oreo Sandwich or Magnum (which, let’s face it, is just a Choc Ice on a stick at triple the price according to Ben!) Roll on the Summer Holidays eh?

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