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Ben's Special Advent chocolate involved!

Advent calendars are coming

The start of Christmas is heralded in the Pearson household by the annual question of ‘What Advent Calendar am I going to have this year?’

The discussion starts as soon as the Advent Calendars appear in the supermarkets (just before Hallowe’en I think!) and continues on an almost daily basis until decisions are finally made and I have to trawl around various supermarkets hoping that they haven't sold out of the calendar of choice. Much debate carries on around the kitchen table about which brand is best - ‘Cadburys obviously’ according to Hermione. ‘Does anyone do a white chocolate one?’ - Yes, Nestle do a Milky Bar one Em and ‘Can I have a Lego Star Wars one? - it’s not chocolate’ suggested Delilah with a wry smile - No, it’s £19.99 and what the dickens has Star Wars got to do with Advent anyway?!!

The girls have resigned themselves to the fact that they won’t be getting a Lego or Playmobil calendar, or a Wooden Tyrolean House with 24 drawers for ‘small gifts’ or indeed a Benefit Makeup Calendar at a whopping £60. I think perhaps they really should take a moment to remind themselves what it is all about - Advent Calendars were first introduced by the German Protestants in the 19th Century to count down the days until the celebration of the birth of Christ and had religious scenes behind each door. Perhaps if I took a stance and said no to chocolate advent calendars then I would feel better about it all but the peer pressure is enormous and Ben tells me a little bit of chocolate won’t hurt as long as they brush their teeth well afterwards.

I myself prefer an Advent Candle that I light every evening over Supper and Ben who just about tolerates the whole thing really has a rather special Advent Calendar this year that he will be sharing with you on Facebook and Twitter daily - sadly for some no chocolate involved!

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