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Health begins with healthy gums

Free Gum Health Checks for all throughout May

Corona Virus – Dental Update

Issue Date: 15/6/2020

Dear All

Life Dental & Wellbeing is now open.

We are not running at full capacity yet as we are phasing our return to the new normal so please be patient if you are struggling to get through to us or waiting to hear back from you about an appointment. As expected, the way we operate will be a bit different but please do be reassured that we will continue to look after you and your oral health in a safe clinical environment.

If you have a dental appointment in the coming weeks we will be contacting you the day before to talk through the appointment procedure and ensure that you are happy to attend.

If you have a dental emergency please call the practice during normal working hours and we will endeavour to help you, however please be aware that there are some restrictions on the treatments we can undertake during the current Alert Status. Outside normal working hours and at weekends or on Bank Holidays please call the practice for further information that will guide you through the Out of Hours service.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Ben Pearson and the team 

'Oh I wish I'd looked after my teeth' said Pam Ayres the poet and she's right. It's not too late to get your mouth feeling more healthy and if  you want to keep your own teeth well into your old age you need to start with your gums. Why? because your gums are the foundations in your mouth and we all know what happens if you don't build a house on good foundations. 

Saturday 12th May is European Gum Health Day and this year the European Federation of Periodontology (gums) are trying to raise public awareness of the importance of gum health to your general health. 

To support European Gum Health Day Ben is offering a Free 15 minute Gum Health Check appointment throughout May for anyone who would like to know the current state of their Gum Health. 

Gum disease is associated with many serious chronic conditions such as cerebrovascular disease (which can lead to a Stroke), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease, chronic kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and rheumatoid arthritis. Smoking and pregnancy hormones can also play a part in the progression of gum disease from Gingivitis through Periodontitis to Severe Periodontitis. Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to have a healthy mouth? 

You do not need to be a member of Life Dental & Wellbeing to take up the Free Gum Health Check offer but you do need to make an appointment by speaking to Bryony at the Practice on 01392 278843. If you have any friends or family that currently do not have a dentist and would like a Free Gum Health Check or you have concerns about their gum health then please do tell them to make an appointment. 

The EFP have issued a very easy to follow and useful guide to Gum Disease. You can find out more about how to recognise gum disease, how it progresses and how to tackle it here

If you are thinking of visiting the Exeter Food Festival tomorrow then why not pop in to Life Dental & Wellbeing which is just across the road from Exeter Central Station and make your appointment for your Free Gum Health Check..... and if you've got a sweet tooth LISTEN to what Pam has to say and don't forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed. 

Health begins with healthy gums!

Have a good weekend


Bryony Gibbons
Bryony Gibbons
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