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Studies show tobacco use has dropped significantly, join the ranks of those who successfully kick the habit

Tobacco use, in general, has lessened in recent years, this is certainly to some degree due to smoking being banned in indoor areas and at train stations and bus stops but also in large part because of public awareness as to the dangers of tobacco and smoking has become much more established.

The more recent numbers suggest a significant shift towards healthier lifestyles and in respect to tobacco this can be shown by a comparison between the years 2000 and 2022.

In 2000 1 in 3 were known to be tobacco users worldwide whereas now the figures show just 1 in 5. These are huge numbers when referenced on a global scale.

As regards dental health, the absence of smoking-related issues has dramatically altered the oral health of many of the world's countries, specifically cases of oral cancer, tooth decay, gum disease and gingivitis have all seen reductions.

The benefits of quitting smoking in terms of certain cancers are well known and strong advertising campaigns have aided this fight and will continue to do so.

Not so well known though, but also of severe significance are the potentially fatal conditions of heart disease and respiratory complications that can all come from, or be aided by smoking in all its various forms.

We need to stress strongly and promote the message that it isn't just cigarettes that do the damage, indeed all forms of smoking can lead to these devastating outcomes, ruining lives and families across the globe.

Even among medical circles, many articles state that vaping is a healthier choice and allows many a gradual aid towards stopping smoking and though this may be true when it looks mainly at nicotine content, there are different dangers that come from the alternatives.

Please see this article to better understand the dangers of these highly toxic solutions such as vaping.

While the above may be disheartening, there are ways to stop smoking that don’t involve a change to other chemical sources.

Firstly, you should always where possible seek the assistance of others, who may be able to help or keep you accountable in a variety of ways.

Family and friends can be your greatest ally as you take your journey towards quitting.

There are several cornerstones that create the smoking habit.

  • Having a cigarette with a drink

  • Smoking on break or at certain chosen times in the day

  • Being used to holding a cigarette

Talking to someone, be it a friend or family member, or even a designated professional can go a long way to lifting some of the emotional pressures of any habit-formed practice and this includes smoking.

Staying positive and focused on your goal is key to its success and treating yourself as you achieve the small steps towards the goal can be a great method to use. This could be instead of smoking, eat a piece of fruit you really enjoy, or a bigger treat perhaps if you go a month without any form of tobacco, these are of course just examples but the idea of treats to lessen and often overcome habits has been shown to be strongly effective.

Friends and family could also suggest or even join you in a new hobby or pastime, exercise especially will aid significantly in multiple ways, not only in helping you quit but with it's own inherent health benefits.

A wonderful way in which friends and family can assist is in helping you see how far you’ve come and what benefits they may see in you as a result.

These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Better-smelling clothes and hair

  • Better skin health

  • Healthier skin colour

  • Fresher breath

  • Smoke-free home

  • Better residual health for all those around you, specifically those in your home breathing the second-hand smoke (this also includes animals)

The list of benefits for those who are able to quit is extensive and can significantly better the lives of you and those around you, allowing a new lease of life and health for many who manage to get there.


There are specific dangers to be aware of when smoking while pregnant.

Unthinkable outcomes such as miscarriage or premature labour can be the result of smoking, as well as babies being born with greatly reduced lung capacity or unhealthy low birth weights. Low birth weight can then lead swiftly to great difficulty in breathing, lifetime health complications and a much greater likelihood of infection.

This article explains these effects and others in much greater detail and is certainly worth a read if you’re expecting or planning to have a baby.

Today we have touched upon the dangers of smoking on the whole and highlighted some of the greater benefits if quitting can be achieved.

These days, there are strong measures in place in countries such as the UK to help you quit. Many areas will have local groups that can help, or failing that there are national sources such as the national smoke-free helpline that can talk through the best steps towards quitting.

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Wishing you the best in oral health.

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