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Toothpaste Tube 'Markings' Conspiracy

You may have heard rumours about coloured squares on toothpaste tubes. Well, they're harmless.

You may have heard about the recent TikTok posts claiming that tubes of toothpaste contain special codes that only industry specialists are privy to the meaning of.

In this article we examine this claim and hear both sides of this story.

For those unaware, TikTok is one of the newer social media platforms allowing anyone to post any content they wish for others with TikTok accounts to watch at their leisure.

For our purposes of course, this is less about TikTok itself and more about toothpaste and it's pivotal role as part of dental hygiene, and for that reason the claim is certainly worth a little investigation.

The Claim in more detail:

The claim itself proposes that the colour of the squares on the tube denotes something chemically related and for some of the colours potentially harmful.

In the claim the green square found on tubes means ‘all-natural’ the blue indicates ‘natural but contains a medicine component’ while red means a mix of ‘natural and chemical products’ and black means ‘purely chemical’.

The video in question has been viewed a substantial number of times, 7.3 million to date with of course many varying opinions and ideas attached.

All sounds feasible doesn’t it, however, the main players in the toothpaste industry have been quick to deny these theories, stating instead that the coloured squares are actually used for light sensors to detect where specific tubes need to be cut.

This is resolutely backed up by several industry professionals who back the toothpaste companies statements.

With the popularity and media share of platforms such as TikTok an idea such as this is bound to create a significant wave of interest in it's claim and has certainly created a shift in perception of certain ingredients such as fluoride and foaming agents within the TikTok viewing numbers.

As with many food items these days, there are elements within toothpaste that can be seen as both good and bad depending on how you approach it.

Fluoride is a recent hot topic as it has become known that too much can be bad for you, but it is also known that the right amount has been shown to improve oral hygiene by aiding in the fight against tooth decay.

Our take as dental professionals and health aware practitioners is that while it is of course wise to be aware of anything you put in your mouth, be that food, drink or indeed toothpastes and mouthwashes. It is important to be able to separate fact from theory and if you want to know whats in your toothpaste and whether it is indeed dangerous it is of course as simple as reading the ingredients and then fact checking them to see if they are medically approved.

One thing is for certain, it is always wise to buy respected brands for any part of your oral health routine and to know the industry recommended ways to use them.

Often, the best ways to implement an oral health routine can differ from person to person, so for the absolute best first step forward we would advise that the next time you visit your dentist you have some ‘when and how’ questions prepared, such as ‘How often should I use mouthwash?’ and what brand would you as a professional, recommend?.

These types of questions allow us to not just know you but also to better know your individual oral health landscape and critically, any areas where it may be improved.

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